Posted by: owlie13 | February 7, 2009

February 6, 2009 – Drugstore

Since I had to pick up a couple of prescriptions today, I thought this was an appropriate picture.  Quite frankly, it was better than taking a picture of my BROKEN TOOTH!   It doesn’t hurt, but since I can’t get in to see my dentist until next Thursday, he called in a prescription for some pain meds.  I like the fact that this Rite-Aid is directly in back of my office building – very convenient.  The fellow standing in front of the building is selling “Real Change” newspapers – homeless people buy them for 30 cents each from the organization, and sell them for $1.00.  A great way for them to earn money, and a good way to donate.  They wear badges so you know they are legitimate vendors.




  1. I hope the tooth isn’t give you to much pain!!!

    I certainly will take a pic of our pharmacy to someday! I’ll have to get some medicine too, allergy stuff, both for me and the girls!

    Hugs Ann-Marie

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